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Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA) is an evangelical, multi-faceted mission organization serving in Guam, Micronesia and the Philippines. PMA was born out of love and compassion for the people of the islands and the desire to be obedient to the Lordís command (Matt. 28:18-20). PMA follows the Biblical concept of Godís love for the total man: body, soul and spirit.

In January of 1956, Pastor Edmund Kalau and his wife Elizabeth started serving as missionaries in Palau and Yap (Micronesia). Pastor Kalau made numerous trips to the outer-islands with the then U.S. Trust Territory-operated field trip ships. On nearly all trips, sick people were taken aboard to be transported to the district center hospitals, but because of the long distances and slowness of the ships, many patients died en route.

Witnessing this again and again, Pastor Kalau was troubled in his heart and mind that there was no better or more effective way to help the outer-island people, especially with their medical needs. The idea of airborne help was envisioned.

Pastor Kalau personally raised funds in the U.S. and Germany and, with another pilot, ferried the first aircraft from U.S. to Yap in July 1974. The Mission Society for which the Kalaus served for over 20 years did not share the vision of an expanded aviation program.

Knowing the needs of the people and how much help could be provided with an airplane, especially in critical medical situations, and more importantly, knowing that this was what God had called them to do, the Kalaus chose to leave the Mission Society they served and obey Godís direction in their lives. With three teenage children in school in the Philippines and no financial support, it was not easy. However, God was good in providing some faithful friends in Germany and the U.S. who came up with a modest support for them along with some extra funds for aircraft maintenance and fuel.

In 1975, PMA was incorporated in Guam, Territory of United States of America. PMA established Mission Stations in Yap and Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, and then in the Republic of Palau. With the same burden for souls in the Philippines, Flying Medical Samaritans (FMS), now Pacific Missionary Aviation, Philippines, was incorporated in 1982 in the Philippines.

The vision continued to expand. Medical missionary vessels were put into service in Micronesia and the Philippines to reach atolls and islands with no airstrips. Church planting (Pacific Mission Fellowship), nurturing, support and evangelism intensified, especially in areas where once doors were closed, but now open because of the committed services of PMA. Other doors of opportunity opened. PMA was privileged to establish a Maritime and Fisheries Academy with a campus ministry in 1989, in conjunction with the Yap State government. This Academy was turned over to the FSM national government in 1998 and continues to operate to train young men in the maritime and fisheries industry. In Pohnpei, PMA established a Construction, Manpower and Development School, which was also turned over to the local Community College for them to continue this important aspect of training young people for a career. PMA has also established Youth Centers, a print shop, and now a Studio.

In the Philippines, in addition to church planting and nurturing, aviation and medical outreach ministry, an Orphanage was established in Oriental Mindoro, reaching out to children who are abandoned, neglected and abused. Learning Centers were also established to assist indigent families and serve malnourished children in Oriental Mindoro and the Polilio Islands: Patnanungan and Katakian islands. These ministries are geared towards the holistic teaching and nurturing of children. Dormitory facilities with youth outreach ministries were also established in the outer-island of Patnanungan where the only High School is available to an 11-group of islands.

The underlying vision in all these endeavors is to glorify God and to make our Lord Jesus Christ known primarily to the peoples of Micronesia and the Philippines.

Dental Service on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
Dental Service on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
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